about us
Shu Productions is an independent film and video production company founded by Meshall Shumate.

Since 1999, Shu Productions has blazed onto the scene producing films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, and a number of other works meant to inspire and engage people across audiences. Capitalizing on the “Hollywood of the South“, Shu Productions has been recognized for its innovative and professional work with the help of our broad range of knowledge and expertise. Let our full & professional staff walk you to your next cinematic production.


Bringing Your Imagination to Life

1. What is Shu Production?

Shu Production is a dynamic and versatile production company founded by an individual with a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry. Our founder's career began with managing local R&B bands and has since evolved into a wide range of creative endeavors.

2. What services does Shu Production offer?

Shu Production offers a comprehensive array of services including music video production, event coverage (weddings, birthdays, etc.), film-making, and more. Our expertise spans various aspects of the entertainment and production field.

3. How did Shu Production come into existence?

Shu Production had humble beginnings when our founder and their cousin established the company from their parent's basement at the age of eighteen. It all started with a passion for music and production.

4. Can you tell us about the founder's background?

Our founder's journey began in the Kansas City area at just sixteen years old, managing local R&B bands. Their career subsequently led them to roles such as a roadie for renowned acts like Duran Duran and Chicago, internships at Starlight Theaters and United Recording Studios, and even a master control position at Channel 62 television station.

5. Who are Shu Production's typical clients?

Shu Production collaborates with a diverse clientele, including musicians, couples planning weddings, event organizers, and more. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients' expectations.

Shu Production


Crafted from Basement Beginnings to Hollywood Expertise


We offer comprehensive film & video production services including concept development, script writing, production, and post production.


Editing and visual effects are a major component in film-making. We offer everything you need from pre-production to final edits.


Along with film and video production, we also specialize in a wide variety of photographic options.


Our production experts offer management and advice on film budgeting, casting and script consulting, film crew consulting and more.

Shu Products

From Kansas City Roots to Hollywood Heights

Our Philosophy

Passionate, dedicated, and ambitious. These are just a few words to describe the Shu Productions team that also share many years of experience with film and video production. Our team prides itself on providing solutions to our clients that exceed their expectations.

Our focus is to form long-lasting relationships with our clients, while developing a sense of creativity around each project. When you come to Shu Productions, we strive to make the whole experience, from concept to completion, an enjoyable one.


Passion for Creativity

We are driven by an unwavering passion for creative expression. Our journey began with a love for music, and we continue to infuse every project with boundless creativity.


Relentless Dedication

We are dedicated to our craft and believe in the power of hard work and commitment. Our journey from humble beginnings to professional success is a testament to our relentless dedication.


Versatile Expertise

Our diverse experiences have shaped our expertise. We are skilled in various aspects of production, from music videos to weddings, and have the adaptability to tackle any creative challenge.


Innovation and Adaptability

We embrace innovation and adapt to evolving industry trends. Our ability to stay current and forward-thinking allows us to deliver cutting-edge solutions.